'Mushkil' gave Kunaal Roy Kapur the chills
'Mushkil' gave Kunaal Roy Kapur the chills

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Mumbai, July 12 : Actors Kunaal Roy Kapur and Rajniesh Duggal finished shooting the first schedule of the film "Mushkil" in extremely cold temperature in Greece.

"We had our first schedule in Greece and had some eerie incidents that we were not prepared for happened, but the production team got together and we completed the shoot in time despite sub-zero temperature," Kunaal said in a statement.

The movie is based on life-changing incidents about four Mumbai girls who travel to Greece for a vacation. There, they meet a local guide who takes them around the city. Meanwhile, at a historical castle where they stay, they are hit by unwanted and surreal circumstances and their lives change forever.

It is a supernatural thriller.

On the film, Kunaal said: "'Mushkil' on the script level was really fascinating. I have always been interested in psychological thrillers and horror as a genre and wanted to explore this more so it was easy for me to say yes to the project."

The film also stars Pooja Bisht, Nazia Hussain and Archana Shastry.


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Update: 12-July-2018



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