NYPD allows Sikhs to wear turbans
NYPD allows Sikhs to wear turbans


NEW YORK, NY – The New York Police Department will now allow Sikh officers to wear turbans and beards, although it restricts the beard size to half-an-inch.

Announcing the change in uniform and appearance policy, City Police Commissioner James O'Neill said: "We want to make the NYPD as diverse as possible."

Welcoming the change, the Sikh Officers Association tweeted: "This is a proud moment for Sikh Community."

But because of the half-inch beard restriction, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, a human rights organization, appeared to give new policy a qualified welcome.

Till now, Sikh NY police were allowed to wear only a small head covering, the patka, under their regulation hats or caps. Now they can wear a full blue turban.

A group of Sikh officers wearing blue turbans with the NYPD badges accompanied O'Neill when he made the announcement.

Two Sikhs, who were among the 557 graduates, had earlier received permission to keep their beards but not wear full turbans.

O'Neill estimated that there are about 160 Sikhs in the 34,500-strong force in the city of 8.5 million people.

The new policy seemed to apply to traffic police who are officially called traffic agents and wear white hats. Last week a Sikh police traffic agent was seen directing traffic near the United Nations wearing a white turban.

The change in NYPD policy on beards may also allow Muslims police officers to keep their beards. But Muslim officers are demanding that they should be allowed two-inch beards and one of them has filed a discrimination suit.

The MTA also agreed to pay $184,500 to eight current or former employees who had objected to wearing the MTA symbol on their turbans claiming it violated their religious beliefs.

However, New York police officers will be required to wear the police medallion on their turbans and so far Sikh officers have not objected to it.

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Update: 07-January-2017



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