Neha Kakkar launches original Punjabi song
Neha Kakkar launches original Punjabi song

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Mumbai, April 21 : Singer Neha Kakkar, known for remixes like "Kala chashma" and "Kar gayi chull", has launched a new original Punjabi song.

In a meet and greet session at the office of Hungama, a digital media entertainment company, she unveiled the track "Ring" on Thursday.

Commenting on the remixes trending in Bollywood, Neha told IANS: "I have sung 'Kala chashma', 'Kar gayi chull, 'Mahi ve', 'Gal ban gayi', and now 'Cheez badi' also, which are all recreations. I am definitely in favour (of recreations), and they have been well appreciated and loved."

"The only drawback is people have high expectations as they love the old songs. At times, it can go downward since there have been songs that haven't done well so one has to be very careful."

The 28-year-old started off as a contestant of the singing-based reality show "Indian Idol" in 2006.

Neha, who has sung in Punjabi, Hindi and Bengali, is also keen on collaborating with an international artiste.


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Update: 21-April-2017



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