Military must stay away from politics: Army chief
Military must stay away from politics: Army chief


New Delhi, Dec 6 (IANS) Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said the military should keep away from politics, adding that the armed forces will do well by remaining above politics.

"Of late, we have seen politicisation of military. We operate in a very secular manner. We have a very vibrant democracy, where the military should stay far away from the polity," the General said at a seminar on 'Media as a force multiplier for national security' organised by the United Services Institution.

"In that aspect, whenever the issue of linking any military establishment or military personnel with political entity comes, I think that is best avoided."

General Rawat said: "The Indian defence forces would do well to remain above (politics)... where they are expected to remain, and do not meddle with politics...."

Asked later what exactly his statement meant, he said it was a clear statement and refused to elaborate further.

"In the good old days, we always said we don't discuss women and politics in the Army... gradually, we find we are inching towards that but that is best avoided," he said.

The Army chief also stressed on a synergy with other organisations, and said contradictions should not come out in their statements.

"Military does not function alone. There are other organisations within the country... it is important for the military to understand the functioning of other organisations..."

"... because there are adversaries who are looking at contradictions that emerge from various establishments within the country and then they take advantage of that and overplay the issues," he added.

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Update: 06-December-2017



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