Chicago seniors celebrate Holi
Chicago seniors celebrate Holi


CHICAGO, IL – The Indian Seniors of Chicago convened a meeting of its members at Manav Seva Mandir on March 11 to celebrate Holi as well as members’ birthdays

The meeting attended by 215 members was successfully conducted by Bhupendra Suthar.

In the beginning, Narayan Mody, Nalini Shah, Hema Shastri and Madhu Patel sang a prayer, which was followed by the Hanuman Chalisa recital by all members. Indu Shah and Narayanbhai Mody presented Holi songs.

Treasurer C V Desai, who presented the detailed accounts for February, also announced the names of the donors and gave details of the Ekal Vidyalay programs which are scheduled in March and April.

Bipin Shah spoke about Holi and Dhuleti festivals.

Shri Kantibhai Patel, Chandrakant Patel and Hirabhai Patel gave the details of Europe tours which are scheduled on 8th July, 12th July and 15th July 2017. They talked about visa procedures, travel insurance and health insurance. These tours are for 16 days and will cover seven countries. Shri C.V. Desai gave details about the Alsaka tour scheduled in the month of September 2017 for eleven days. Tour includes land and cruise.

Sharad Shah talked about press reporting process after the monthly general body meeting.

Bhupendra Suthar and Arvind Kotak announced the names of the seniors whose birthday fell in March all of whom were given greeting cards by Jagdish Suthar.

The members collectively sang “Happy birthday to you”. A group photograph was taken on this occasion.

Sandeep Sheth and Bhupendra Suthar also sang Holi songs with music.

Naresh Dekhtawala conducted the entertainment program given by the seniors. Sharmi Trivedi, Mayura Desai, Usha Solanki and Kailash Patel presented an absorbing drama.

Jashwant Sheth, Arvind Kotak, Arvind Patel, Sharad Shah, Rohini Dekhtawala, and Hema Rana participated in the program by singing songs. Naresh Dekhtawala thanked the participants.

The seniors chanted shlokas and enjoyed a delicious lunch before the meeting concluded.


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Update: 18-March-2017



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