I was shocked: Param Singh on 'Ghulaam' going off air
I was shocked: Param Singh on 'Ghulaam' going off air

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Mumbai, Aug 12 : Actor Param Singh, who played the lead role of Rangeela in "Ghulaam", says he was in shock when the heard about the "overnight decision" of the makers to pull the TV show off air.

Param will wrap up shooting on August 14 for the Life OK show, whose last episode will air on August 25.

"I was shocked when I was told about this overnight decision. I did not know how to react. Sometimes things are not under your control and you cannot do much about it but one need to move on," Param said in a statement.

"I would shoot 28 days a month and this show became a huge part of my life as I have lived the show for the longest time. I have learned a lot about acting from this show and I feel I have become more mature," he added.

Talking about his future plans, Param said: "Now I will go on a holiday and just relax and rejuvenate myself."


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Update: 12-August-2017



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