Whatever PM Modi says becomes a law: JD(U) chief Lalan Singh
Whatever PM Modi says becomes a law: JD(U) chief Lalan Singh

Photo Credit: IANS


Patna, May 26 (IANS) JD(U) chief Lalan Singh on Friday said whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, becomes a law in the country.

On withdrawal of Rs 2,000 currency note, he said: "Whatever Narendra Modi says in the country, it becomes a law. He had demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. He has said that the Rs 2,000 currency note would also be withdrawn. He can do anything."

Reacting to BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi's statement that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had inaugurated the new building of the state Legislative Council and not the Governor, Lalan Singh said: "Sushil Kumar Modi has a serious disease of being in headlines and he can say anything to get something from Narendra Modi cabinet. He is talking about the extension of Bihar Vidhan Sabha. Doesn't he know the difference between the extension of a Vidhan Sabha building and construction of new Parliament building? Parliament also has an extension building but no one would care who inaugurated or not."

"Here we are talking about the main building of parliament. Who is the custodian of these two houses? As per the Constitution, the President of India addresses both the houses on the first day of every year during the budget session. The Prime Minister is not a custodian of both the houses. Why he does not address day one of the Budget session every year? You (PM Narendra Modi) have taken the credit of making a woman from the tribal community the President of the country. However, now, you are going to inaugurate the new Parliament building," Singh said.

"Prime Minister can inaugurate anything. You have seen him inaugurating a drain in Varanasi. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country, no one has flagged off any train. Every time, Vande Bharat express has to be launched, he reaches there to wave the green flag. He does not allow anyone to do it," Singh said.

"The present Parliament House is a historic heritage. It has a great history. The Constitution was drafted in that place. Hence, it is our Parliament. Now, Narendra Modi is changing the history of the country. He is transforming the prestigious history of the Parliament to Modi's history. Hence, I said that the country will become 'BJP mukt' in 2024 and then the new building will be used for other works," Singh said.

On Sushil Modi's statement that JD(U) and other opposition parties are killing democracy of the country by boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building, Singh said: "Why would I kill the democracy of the country.... And Sushil Modi would give the certificate to us of it... How could a party which ruined the democracy in the entire country, could give a certificate to others.

"In Delhi, the five judges bench of the Supreme Court had given the judgement in favour of Delhi government, However, the Centre brought an ordinance and turned down the decision of apex court. The Supreme Court had given the right to an elected government to take decisions, but the Centre once again gave the entire power to L-G. The Supreme Court had left three jobs for the Centre police, law and order and lands. Are you running the democracy? Is this a democracy? You are killing democracy. You have implemented an undeclared dictatorship," Singh said.

"The people of the country are watching the dictatorship of BJP. Himachal Pradesh became BJP mukt, Karnataka became BJP mukt, MCD became BJP mukt. Now, the country will become BJP mukt in 2024," Singh said.



Update: 26-May-2023