US confirms talks on unblocking Afghan assets
US confirms talks on unblocking Afghan assets

Photo Credit: IANS


Kabul, July 2 (IANS) The US has confirmed holding talks on unfreezing Afghanistans foreign reserves with a high-level Taliban delegation in Doha, media reports said.

As the Taliban government seeks to get the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) assets, the Joe Biden administration wants assurances that the money would be spent on helping the Afghan people, Pajhwok News reported.

The State Department said the United States renewed its pledge of $55 million in fresh aid for the earthquake survivors in Afghanistan.

A statement from the State Department said: "The two sides discussed in detail US actions to preserve $3.5 billion in Afghan central bank reserves for the benefit of the Afghan people."

It added: "The United States expressed condolences for the loss of life and suffering in Afghanistan caused by recent earthquakes."

At the two-day meeting, the US delegation was headed by Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, Pajhwok News reported.

The Afghan delegation, led by Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, included senior officials from DAB and the Ministry of Finance.

"Muttaqi highlighted the positive changes with the coming to power of the new government, calling the security situation in Afghanistan exemplary," the Foreign Ministry spokesman tweeted.

West also commended the transparent distribution of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

"The United States supports the Afghan people's demands that girls be allowed to return to school and that women be allowed to work, contribute to the country's economic growth and express themselves freely," the statement concluded.



Update: 02-July-2022