Samiksha Oswal recalls filming latest single 'Mann Bawraa'
Samiksha Oswal recalls filming latest single 'Mann Bawraa'

Photo Credit: IANS


Mumbai, June 23 (IANS) Actress Samiksha Oswal shares an incident while shooting for her singer husband Shael Oswal's latest single 'Mann Bawraa'. It is curated, conceptualised and directed by Samiksha.

During the shoot, lead actress Aaira Dwivedi was not able to acclimatise in the weather of Ladakh and the team had only a limited number of days to wrap the filming of the song.

Samiksha reached the set ready in hair and make-up to turn lead actress of the song.

Samiksha says: "Aaira was shooting back to back and fell ill because she could not acclimatise to the weather conditions in Leh, Ladakh. But as they say 'the show must go on' and I came prepared to the set ready to step into her shoes so that we could film the music video."

She also adds: "Luckily Aaira is a thorough professional and was ready to shoot in no time, so all was well again."

Composed and penned by Rashid Khan, with choreography by Firoz A Khan, 'Mann Bawraa' features Shael Oswal and Aaira Dwivedi.

Samiksha shares: "This project is extremely close to my heart because it's something I've nurtured right from its inception. It's not an ordinary parting of lovers but one with a heartbreaking narrative and I'm confident it will leave audiences moved."

The song will be out on June 26.



Update: 23-June-2022