Prospects of violent conflict growing immensely with dangerous ideology in neighbourhood: Pak
Prospects of violent conflict growing immensely with dangerous ideology in neighbourhood: Pak

Photo Credit: IANS


New Delhi, Jan 15 (IANS) Pakistan has said special attention is required to manage lingering border disputes which continue to pose security threats, particularly along the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary where ceasefire violations by India threaten civilian lives and property while endangering regional stability.

Pakistan in its National Security Policy said: "With a regressive and dangerous ideology gripping the collective conscience in our immediate neighbourhood, the prospects of violent conflict have grown immensely.

"The possibility of use of force by the adversary as a deliberate policy choice cannot be ruled out. Pakistan is committed to defending its territorial integrity in response to any military misadventure. Requisite conventional capabilities will be ensured through astute investment in constant modernisation of our armed forces without embroiling in any arms race."

The document went on to say that "the expansion of India's nuclear triad, open-ended statements on nuclear policy, and investments in and introduction of destabilising technologies disturb the strategic balance in the region. Pakistan's deterrence regime is vital for and aimed at regional peace.

"Pakistan's prized geo-economic location provides a unique opportunity through north-south and east-west connectivity for South and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

"Westward connectivity is also a significant driver for Pakistan's continued push for regional peace and stability in Afghanistan, which is ever more important given that eastward connectivity is held hostage to India's regressive approach."

Pakistan is envisioned as an Islamic welfare state as per the policy document.

"Pakistan's vital national security interests are best served by placing economic security as the core element of national security. The country's security imperatives in the next decade will be driven by the need to realise its economic potential while ensuring national cohesion, territorial integrity, internal security, and citizen welfare," it said.

In the context of comprehensive national security, "achieving economic security is predicated on an expanding national resource pie and a redistributive model that can transfer the benefits of greater availability of resources to human welfare."

"Sustainable and inclusive economic growth that expands Pakistan's global economic footprint, reduces external economic dependency, and allows Pakistan to better leverage its resultant economic clout will also ensure our traditional security requirements are adequately resourced.

"The challenge before us is to move away from the traditional guns versus butter debate, instead recognising that traditional and non-traditional aspects of national security must be linked through a symbiotic relationship," the document added.



Update: 15-January-2022