Japan Airlines begins on-site vaccination for employees
Japan Airlines begins on-site vaccination for employees

Photo Credit: IANS


Tokyo, June 14 (IANS) Flag carrier Japan Airlines Co. on Monday began providing on-site Covid-19 vaccination for its employees, a day after All Nippon Airways Co. started its own inoculation drive becoming the first in the country to start workplace immunisation.

Both airlines started to administer the inoculations at Tokyo's Haneda airport, with crew on international flights being given priority for the jabs, reports Xinhua news agency.

Japan's two top carriers' workplace vaccination campaigns come well ahead of the government's planned June 21 start for companies and universities in Japan to begin their own vaccination campaign or double-up as inoculation centres.

JAL said it plans to vaccinate 36,000 group employees, with the focus initially on those working on international routes, whereas ANA Holdings Inc. said 46,500 of its staff are eligible to be vaccinated.

JAL will give priority to around 10,000 of its employees, including pilots and crew, working on international flights.

As the Japanese government seeks to ramp up its vaccination drive, the slow rollout of which has come under heavy criticism for being the slowest among a number of advanced economies, it said that that it has so far received applications for more than 9 million people to be vaccinated at 1,821 companies or universities.

Toyota Motor, SoftBank Group and Rakuten having already committed to vaccines being administered at their premises.

Among others, Sumitomo Life Insurance Company is also on board, as is electronics maker Fujitsu.

Sony Group, meanwhile, has said it is is planning to have its own corporate doctors vaccinate employees at its offices.

According to Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato, the new inoculation campaign is aimed at speeding up the country's vaccination rollout and helping to reduce the burden on local municipalities.

"The expansion in the number of vaccination sites is meant to reduce the burden on local communities and accelerate the pace of inoculation. The two-dose vaccine developed by US biotech firm Moderna Inc. will be used," Kato told a press briefing.

Kato said that the workplaces and universities will be in charge of deciding who gets vaccinated, although recommended that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions be given priority.

The companies and universities, Kato said, will also be in charge of sourcing their own medical personnel to administer the jabs amid the nation's dire lack of medical personnel qualified to give the vaccinations, which has contributed to the country's sluggish rollout.



Update: 14-June-2021