Horror gaming inspires Saahil Bhargava's dark track 'Blood-Starved Beast'
Horror gaming inspires Saahil Bhargava's dark track 'Blood-Starved Beast'

Photo Credit: IANS


Mumbai, Feb 4 (IANS) ‘Blood-Starved Beast, a rock track composed, written and performed by Saahil Bhargava was released on Friday.

The song, which features 2D vector animation by Sanjna Krishnan, tells the story of a gamer, who gets stuck in a time loop.

The horror-themed song has been inspired by the popular game 'Bloodborne: Eerie'. The video takes a dark turn as the gamer loses his sanity to let his determination and desperation prevail to get the better of a Lovecraftian monster.

Speaking about his track, Saahil said: "My latest song embraces my gamer side. Inspired by the horror game 'Bloodborne', Blood-Starved Beast is about the obsession and drive that gamers experience, with the thrill of the battle only beaten by the crushing anger of defeat."

He continued: "The music and lyrics of this song explore the ‘horror' elements of the dark nightmarish environment, as the main protagonist struggles to fight his way through a never-ending loop, much like a gamer stuck on a level. Blood-Starved Beast has been brewing for a long time, so I'm excited to finally release it."

Saahil concluded by saying: "I am even more excited to see how gamers respond to a song that should be extremely relatable, in both nostalgic and sigh-inducing ways. Raise a glass to all the broken controllers, cracked TVs and tears shed over games like ‘Bloodborne'".

Saahil, who earned two nominations at the prestigious Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival last year, is an avid gamer himself. He was recently invited to perform at the Finale of the Penta Amateur League, an esports tournament. ‘Blood Starved Beast' is available across all streaming platforms.



Update: 04-February-2022