Gurugram: Illegal hoardings on NH-248 to be cleared soon
Gurugram: Illegal hoardings on NH-248 to be cleared soon

Photo Credit: IANS


Gurugram, May 27 (IANS) Multiple illegal advertisement hoardings on the six lane Sohna-Alwar elevated National Highway also known as NH-248 will be cleared soon, officials said.

These hoardings have been put up without any prior permissions from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the officials said.

The Central government has banned hoardings beside highways as roadside hoardings/advertisements are likely to divert the concentration of drivers.

"Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as a matter of policy has not been allowing erection of advertisement hoardings on National Highways within the Right of Way as they might distract the attention of the drivers," the officials added.

According to the policy, the advertising space on the highway facilities shall be located on the inner side of facilities such that they are not directly visible in front of the driver driving along the road from safety considerations.

Sohna elevated highway constructed on National Highway 248A between Rajiv Chowk & Sohna was opened for traffic last year to ease travel between Gurugram-Sohna & Alwar. The expressway also connects the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

After the opening of the Sohna elevated national highway and Delhi-Mumbai Expressway till Dausa in Rajasthan,
advertising companies have started setting up big hoardings on both sides of the expressway.

They are using the NHAI lands along the highway.

Accident Alert sign boards, distorters information boards, and government advertisements can be displayed only with the permission of the NH authorities.

"Hoardings displayed in the limits of NH are banned, as they cause accidents. We have not permitted any ad agency or individuals. The matter has come to our notice and we have directed our patrolling team to uproot such illegal advertisement hoardings. We will take action soon on those who violated the rules," said Dheeraj Singh, Project Director, NHAI.



Update: 27-May-2023