From Akbar to Nehru, first 'Constitution Park' in a Raj Bhavan honours all
From Akbar to Nehru, first 'Constitution Park' in a Raj Bhavan honours all

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Jaipur, Jan 8 (IANS) The country's first Constitution Park has been set up at the Raj Bhavan in Rajasthan. In this park, the Constitution has been explained differently via beautiful sculptures and art work. The entire park has been designed on the theme of the artwork which was used in the first original copy of the Indian Constitution.

The park also shows the first original copy of the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly and its 15 women members through stone art.

Along with the ancient Nalanda University, Akbar's court and Jhansi's Rani Lakshmibai and Tipu Sultan who fought the British also feature in the park.

The stone artwork of Akbar's court has been installed along with the constitutional provisions of the central and state services. Provisions for government jobs are shown alongside artwork from Akbar's court.

Along with this, historical fact has been cited as the reason for showing Akbar's court. It is considered to be the beginning of giving permanent jobs in the government. At that time royal jobs started on the lines of today's All India Service.

A large section of historians consider Akbar to be an efficient administrator and a reform-minded ruler, due to which Akbar's court has been given a place, said officials.

The entire process of making the constitution along with major articles, fundamental rights and key provisions of the constitution is shown in the park.

The main provisions of the constitution, Indian culture and the characteristics of different parts of the country have been shown through art work.

Fundamental Rights have been shown in an interesting way by making a separate column. The entire journey of the making of the Constitution is shown.

Right from the Cabinet Mission to the formation of the Constituent Assembly, the meetings and debates in the first Constituent Assembly are shown in the part along with famous members of the Constituent Assembly and prominent leaders.

There are statues of Dr BR Ambedkar, the country's first President Rajendra Prasad, the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru along with the draft copy of the Constitution.

The Constitution Park will soon be opened to the public for two days a week. Its time table is being prepared.

Governor Kalraj Mishra said that such constitution parks are also being set up in every government university in the state so that university students can learn about the constitution and understand it easily.

The Constitution Park was inaugurated by President Draupadi Murmu recently.

Speaking on the occasion, she appreciated the flag post, Mayur Stambh, Gandhi statue and Maharana Pratap's statue installed in the Raj Bhavan. Describing the artistic and elaborate presentation and craft of the Constitution Park as important, she said that people coming here would connect with the culture of the Constitution.

Kalraj Mishra said that our Constitution is a living philosophy of Indian culture.

"The writing of the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly formed to prepare it, the meetings of the Constituent Assembly, the role of the great men involved in the making of the Constitution and the journey of its implementation are very significant. In the Constitution Park, an attempt has been made to bring alive this journey through various sculptures, images, models and other artistic mediums," the governor said.



Update: 08-January-2023