Delayed boards may hamper students' admission plans abroad
Delayed boards may hamper students' admission plans abroad

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Lucknow, April 27 (IANS) With the indefinite postponement of Class 12 board examinations in several states due to the pandemic conditions, students preparing to go abroad for further studies are in a quandary.

"Postponing the board examinations further will have a rippling effect on our careers because delayed examination will lead to delayed results. This will adversely affect the students' plans to prepare for competitive tests and secure admissions for Undergraduate (UG) degree programs in overseas colleges and universities, where the exams and classes might not get postponed because their classes and exams are being conducted via online platform," said Raj Kishore Dutta, whose son is seeking admission in computer science course in the US.

The academic calendar in America, Canada New Zealand and the UK begins in September. If the board exams are held and if the results are declared in time, it would allow students to apply to most foreign universities.

However, the time usually afforded for the application process would obviously be curtailed.

None of these countries have postponed the admission process yet.

Vanshika Singh who is planning to do a bakery and confectionary course in Switzerland and has got admission in Lucerne, is worried about whether she will be able to make it in time for the course.

"I have to clear my board examinations and then I do not know whether flights will open up by the time I have to go. My entire future depends on the pandemic because European countries are very strict about pandemic rules," she said.

Her cousin, Arpit Singh, is facing a similar predicament. He is scheduled to travel to Germany in August for a masters' degree in automobile engineering.

Though he is not worried about examinations, it is the travel restrictions that have left him scratching his head.

"I have managed an admission with great difficulty and cannot let it go," he said.

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, educationist, visionary, and founder of Global Dream Programme, Global Classroom Private Limited (GCPL) & Global Education & Training Institute (GETI), however, said, "Hard times have required hard decisions. Decisive and timely action was most urgently needed."

"It is a good step taken by the government as there are no easy choices and for Class 12, the window of 15 days' notice provides mental relief. Considering the situation, however, we all have to accept and bear it. This is disappointing for those children, teachers and schools who have worked really hard towards their goals," she said.

Nishi Krishna, a career counsellor, said, "Students have already suffered a year in 2020. The government should come up with an alternative way of conducting exams or marking procedures so that the students' academic year does not go waste-especially for those planning to go abroad for studies."



Update: 27-April-2021