Malaysian PM introduces no-gift policy for ministers
Malaysian PM introduces no-gift policy for ministers

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Kuala Lumpur, June 8 (IANS) Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Friday introduced a no-gift policy for his cabinet ministers as he vowed to build a clean government.

"If there are gifts, they should only be limited to flowers, food and fruits," he told a press conference after chairing a Cabinet Committee meeting.

The current policy only covers civil servants, reports Efe news.

Mahathir, who built much of his campaign by accusing former Prime Minister Najib Razak of corruption, pledged to formulate a law to fight the country's "money politics" and better regulate political donations.

Moreover, he said all ministers in the cabinet as well as their secretaries will have to declare their assets to the Prime Minister and such information will be shared with anti-corruption authorities.

"The Prime Minister cannot hide corruption by other officers or administrators," he said.


Update: 08-June-2018