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A peek into the life of the "King of Good Times", a must-have guide for football fanatics, tips for the perfect weight regime to an entrepreneur's successful journey - IANS book stack this week offers a concoction of lifestyle, wellness and sports!

1. Book: The Football Fanatic's Essential Guide; Author: Novy Kapadia; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 236; Price: Rs. 199

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup frenzy all set to grip football fans across the globe, sports broadcaster Novy Kapadia's "compendium" is a must have for all those who love the sport. Packed with vital and interesting information on matches and players, the guide also charts India's role in football history.

Starting from the origins of the game, the compilation also offers a 100-question quiz for football fanatics, along with a records section that covers statistics from 1930 to 2010.

Replete with images, it is much needed to enjoy the "legendary game" better.

2. Book: The Vijay Mallya Story; Author: K. Giriprakash; Publisher: Portfolio Penguin; Pages: 205; Price: Rs. 299

Drawing a portrait of the "King of Good Times", this detailed chronicle closely follows Vijay Mallya's life and career which spans three decades and is spread across myriad industries. From his childhood, his relationship with his father to his rise as the liquor baron, the book charts it all.

This quick read offers a peek into the life of a man "whom everyone is fascinated with but not many know".

3. Book: The Buck Stops Here; Author: Ashutosh Garg; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 188; Price: Rs. 250

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur led Ashutosh Garg to quit his high-paying corporate job. However, his dream was not fulfilled without its share of odds, which he overcame to build Guardian Pharmacy, India's second largest chain of wellness, health and beauty stores.

In his book, Garg offers key learnings and shares his experiences to help those who dream of owing their own business enterprise. From first hand tips on how to source capital, getting the best out of your team, locating the perfect space to managing costs - the book serves as a valuable guide for budding entrepreneurs and also cautions them against possible roadblocks ahead.

4. Book: The 5:2 Diet Book; Author: Kate Harrison; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 206; Price: Rs. 299

How about a diet plan which encourages you to feast for five days in a week and fast for just two, and yet successfully lose weight? Kate Harrison's guide is just that.

Offering a simple, flexible and health-enhancing weight loss programme, the guide suggests eating less for just two days a week, and yet enjoy health benefits. By eating less for two days, the body triggers a "repair" mode that heals the body and the brain.

Along with tips and case studies, this updated health guide also offers recipes.

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