Zoroastrian assn's education forum
Zoroastrian assn’s education forum


CHICAGO, IL – The Zoroastrian Association of Chicago (ZAC) on April 9 organized an Education and Public Health Forum in Burr Ridge, Illinois under the leadership of Porus Dadabhoy.

Some 80 people attended this highly-educative forum aimed at empowering Indian American youth (12-30 years) and their parents.

Top doctors and professionals spoke on substance abuse, risks to young adults involving sex, how to educate your child to be a winner, how to get admitted at elite schools, excelling at a university, mental health awareness, teasing, hazing, and bullying, diet and exercise, family qualities & mental health of Zoroastrian young adults

All also enjoyed a delicious ‘Parsi-style’ vegetarian lunch organized by Parsi chef Aban Daboo.

The forum volunteers included Jehangir Darukhanavala, Mani Rao, Rohinton Rivetna, Roshan Rivetna and Dinaz Weber. While Vispi Cooper provided IT support, Arvind Guna Patel managed the registration.

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Update: 22-April-2017



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