Youth with seizure disorder missing
Youth with seizure disorder missing


ELMHURST, IL – The Elmhurst police say a missing 24-year-old of Indian descent man could be in danger because he has not taken medication required for his seizure disorder.

Justin Antony was last heard from about 8:30 pm on April 14 when he texted his family that he was at a church in Bellwood but never showed up for the service. He had left his Elmhurst residence about three hours earlier on a silver mountain bike.

His family reported him missing about 11:08 pm when he didn't return home.

The police say Antony is of Indian descent and was last seen wearing a yellow hoodie and blue jeans. He is about 5-foot-6 and 150 pounds with short brown hair in a buzz cut.

Antony is described as endangered because failing to take necessary medication for his seizure disorder puts him in "significant danger".

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Update: 22-April-2017



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