Venezuela rejects Trump's threats of violence
Venezuela rejects Trump's threats of violence


Caracas, Aug 13 (IANS) Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Saturday slammed the "warmongering" declarations of the US President Donald Trump as "threats to peace."

Trump's statement about not to "rule out" a military option in Venezuela was a "violation" of UN and international laws, Xinhua quoted Arreaza as saying.

"Venezuela categorically rejects the unfriendly and warmongering declarations of Trump, who has threatened us with a military intervention, in violation of UN principles and international law," said the foreign minister.

Bolivian President Evo Morales also condemned on Saturday the "armed interventionist eagerness by the US against Venezuela," slamming the international community for keeping silent.

Writing on Twitter, Morales stated that "we condemn the armed interventionist eagerness by the US against Venezuela, a country which seeks peace in dialogue."

Venezuela's government has been severely criticised by the international community for creating a National Constituent Assembly (ANC), which will rewrite the Constitution.

This has been widely derided as a power-grab by Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

Several Venezuelans also dismissed Trump's words as "imperial interference."

"It is an act of arrogance. It is not the first time that Trump has acted like this towards Venezuela, which has been besieged for a long time," said Cristobal Alva, a Venezuelan poet from Guatire in the northern state of Miranda.

Rosalia Pulgar, a pensioner from Caracas, said that "we are prepared to resolve our own problems."

She highlighted the "moral and military...preparation" of the Venezuelan people and added that "diplomacy" was the right way to resolve conflicts.

Also on Saturday, South American trade bloc Mercosur rejected the use of force in Venezuela, according to a statement by Argentina's foreign ministry.

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