Tea production down by over 10% in January
Tea production down by over 10% in January


Kolkata, March 6 (IANS) India's estimated tea production in January 2018 stood at 17.15 million kg -- down by 10.49 per cent from 19.16 million kg produced in the year-ago month, according to Tea Board India data.

According to the estimated production data, the decrease of 2.01 million kg in January was mainly due to fall in production in north India.

In north India, Assam's production for the month was stagnant at 1.32 million kg as compared to 1.31 million kg produced in the corresponding month of 2017 while West Bengal's production for the month stood at 3.33 million kg, down by 25.66 per cent from 4.48 million kg produced in the same month of 2017.

Taking Assam, West Bengal and others together, the estimated crop during month under review in north India decreased by 20.49 per cent to 4.81 million kg as against 6.05 million kg produced in January 2017.

In south India, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, the tea production decreased by 5.87 per cent to 12.34 million kg in January 2018 as against 13.11 million kg produced in same month last year.

In India, small growers produced 8.32 million kg in January 2018, as against 9.85 million kg produced by them in the year-ago month.

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Update: 06-March-2018



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