Tanishaa Mukherji moots an NGO for tree planting
Tanishaa Mukherji moots an NGO for tree planting

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Kolkata, May 19 : Actress Tanishaa Mukherji says that she plans to start an NGO dedicated to tree planting. She also urged people to feed people as she feels starvation is the biggest problem in the country.

"We as a family are associated with NGO that fights against cancer, I am planning to start my own NGO too which will be about tree planting initiative. Keeping the kids alive is very important as they are the future generation," Tanishaa told IANS on phone from the city of joy.

KFC India on Friday marked the one-year milestone of its anti-hunger campaign addHOPE and Tanishaa joined in the celebrations with children from Towards Future School, where the brand through Smile Foundation has been supporting a meal programme for 75 children.

Tanishaa says that she felt "really blessed" to feed so many children.

"I think it's an important issue that they (brand) are dealing with. Starvation is a big problem in our country and lot of children are going undernourished," she said.

Tanishaa also recalled the time her mother, veteran actress Tanuja, made sure that none of her children wasted food at any point of time.

"My mother always told me not to waste food and we had to finish everything that was there on plate," she said.

addHOPE is KFC's global initiative that is creating awareness and raising funds to provide meals for underprivileged children.


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Update: 19-May-2017



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