Sri Lankan racer seals junior racing championship
Sri Lankan racer seals junior racing championship


Coimbatore, May 3: Sri Lankan Brayan Perera clinched the championship in the Formula Junior Racing Series (FJRS) promoted by Meco Motor Sports which concluded at the Kari Motor Speedway here on Sunday. Brayan scored a total of five wins in 10 races spread over two rounds.

Brayan, who won three of the five races in the first round during the April 16-17 weekend at the same venue, finished the series with a tally of 72 points, just four clear of second-placed Ashwin Datta (Chennai) who had three wins while Assam’s Alex Bora ended up third with a tally of 53 (two wins).

In the Support races (two-wheelers), Faraz Shariff (600cc), Anthony Peter (300cc) and Aishwarya M (ladies) achieved a double apiece in the second round.

FJRS is a new entry-level Formula Racing Series for rookie drivers who have attended the Meco Racing Academy and an affordable step up from karting to racing. More importantly, this series becomes the grooming ground for a seat with the Meco Racing Team taking part in the JK Tyre National Racing Championship.

The series comprised 10 races held over two rounds with support events in the form of two-wheeler races. The competitors in the FJRS drove the Formula LGB 1300 cars which belonged to Meco Racing and run by Meco Racing as a Single Make Class.

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