Sikhs host dinner for Pal Singh Purewal
Sikhs host dinner for Pal Singh Purewal


CHICAGO, IL -- Midwest witnessed a historic evening when Sardar Pal Singh Purewal addressed the audience speaking about the Nanakshahi calendar he had designed.

The event took place at Ashyana Banquets, 75th Street Downers Grove, IL and was organized by Amardev Singh Bandesha and Sarwan Singh, both alumni of Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Amradev Singh introduced the guest of honor, Punewal, explained how it was important for the Sikh diaspora to preserve its identity and culture and make sure that the values are imbibed by the generations to come.

Purewal talked about the significance for the Sikh community to have their own independent calendar. Nanakshahi Calendar is a symbol of the sovereignty of Sikhs, from which they will keep on getting inspiration to march towards their destiny.

This calendar was designed to replace the Saka calendar and has been in use since 1998. The epoch of this tropical solar calendar (that uses most of the mechanics of the Western calendar) is the birth of the first Sikh Guru, Nanak Dev in 1469.

Punewal was also be part of the New Year's Day celebration on March 14 as in the Gregorian Western calendar.

Purewal has worked extremely hard in using scientific methods to produce a unique Nanakshahi Calendar to celebrate all Gurpurabs and other important festivals.

Purewal’s speech was followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience. The other speakers at the event were Bhai Mohinder Singh, Dr Jasvir Kaur and Dr Tejji.

Purewal later addressed a sangat of some 500 people at Palatine Gurdwara and gave a power-point presentation highlighting the significance of the Nankshahi calendar.

The evening concluded with a vote of thanks by Sarwan Singh Raju. Bhai Mohinder Singh presented a memento to Sardar Pal Singh Purewal.


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Update: 18-March-2017



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