Security is tightened at ICC after robbery cases
Security is tightened at ICC after robbery cases


MILPITAS, CA -- The India Community Center (ICC) in Milpitas, Calif., announced on March 13 that in the wake of recent robberies, it has taken increased security precautions.

The center, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the Indian American and Greater Bay Area community, said that an ICC member was assaulted in the parking lot of ICC’s Table Tennis Center about two weeks ago. In the incident, the member was robbed of his cellphone and backpack, which included a laptop.

The member was not hurt in the robbery and the police caught one of the two culprits.

The center said another incident was reported over the weekend of March 11 and March 12. A car in the Table Tennis Center’s parking lot was broken into and items were stolen.

Among the updated precautions the center is taking are putting up solar motion sensor lights in areas that are dark and putting up monitoring signs.

Additionally, the center is in the process of putting up video cameras and exploring putting an alarm system with motion sensors on the grounds.

The center has also contacted the police to have a patrol car nearby to keep an eye out, as well as a patrol service to do random patrols, especially in the evening.

“That being said, please be careful and keep your cars locked, don't leave any valuables in your cars and exercise caution especially when it's dark,” the center said.

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Update: 17-March-2017



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