SSM of Chicago celebrates Holi
SSM of Chicago celebrates Holi


SCHAUMBURG, IL -- Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal (SSM) of Chicago, a member of the International Shree Swaminarayan Sansthan of Vadtal, joyfully celebrated the popular festival of Holi and Rangotsav festival on March 12 evening at Schaumburg, IL.

More than 250 Vadtaldham devotees joined this holy event and actively participated in prayers, bhajan kirtan, katha, and many other activities, including dhuleti by spraying colors on each other.

All participants were really happy for receiving blessings from Aacharya Maharajshree Rakeshprakashdasji Maharaj, Pirhadhipati of Vadtal Gadi, via video broadcast.

Construction of the SSM of Chicago temple is in progress and is expected to have Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav (temple opening) within a couple of months this summer.


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Update: 18-March-2017



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