SACS celebrates Women's Day
SACS celebrates Women’s Day


STREAMWOOD, IL- The South Asian Cultural Society of Chicago (SACS) celebrated its third annual International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 25 at the Poplar Creek Library in Streamwood, IL.

About 150 people attended the event themed ‘Be Bold For Change’. And change is exactly what the audience got to witness on the stage.

IWD is celebrated annually on March 8 and is considered a major day of global celebration to honor and celebrate women and to recognize their economic, political, and social achievements and contributions to the world while calling for gender equality.

The event started with welcome remarks made by SACS president Ghousia Sultana who discussed the purpose of commemorating IWD and spoke on the importance and the theme of IWD stressing the need to work together to reduce gender parity.

Chief guests were Senator Cristina Castro; representing the 22nd district of the Illinois Senate; Streamwood Village president Billie D. Roth, and Syed Hussaini of Village Bank and Trust.

The surprise guest speaker was Candace McCreary, president of Poplar Creek Library, who stopped by to say a few encouraging words.

All guest speakers discussed the trials and tribulations they have either endured or witnessed.

The cultural portion of the program comprised two groups. The first group, Mandi Theatre Group, had several members perform a variety of acts. They started their performances with a prayer song sung by Tara Swaminathan, followed by the mono acts.

Four separate mono acts were performed to discuss the hardships and roadblocks all women was must endure no matter where they may be in the world. The mono act discussing ‘Transgenderism’ performed by Arnab Sarkar, received a thunderous applause.

Two classical dances were also performed, one as a solo and the other as a group. The solo dance was Pushpanjali, the first dance in a Bharatha Natyam performance.

The second group to perform was Jhankar Dance Group who performed five dance sequences to mix songs from Bollywood.

SACS presented certificates of appreciation to all participants which were presented by Village president Billie Roth. A raffle was also done with the winner taking home a beautiful food basket.

President Ghousia Sultana thanked all guest speakers, volunteers and guests for making the program successful.

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Update: 08-April-2017



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