Prison head suspended over Brazil jail-break
Prison head suspended over Brazil jail-break


Brasilia, Jan 11 (IANS) A top prison officer has been suspended for allegedly allowing weapons and drugs in the gaol before a deadly jail-break on New Year's Day in Brazil, officials said.

The interim director of the Anisio Jobim prison where 56 inmates were killed and 112 escaped on January 1 was suspended on Tuesday.

Sergio Fontes, Secretary of Public Security, confirmed suspension of Jose Carvalho Da Silva, Xinhua reported.

Fontes said the director had allowed weapons and drugs into the prison complex.

On December10, one of the prisoners who was killed in the riot, wrote a letter to the state attorney-general's office denouncing corruption in the prison.

According to the letter, the Familia do Norte (FDN) gang, which has been blamed for the massacre, paid staff to allow weapons, drugs and mobile phones into the prison.

Various reports were issued before the riot that pointed out the imminent risk of violence at the prison, which was linked to an escape plan by notable gang leader.

Intelligence agents found that eight guns were brought into the prison by visitors with the help of guards.

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