Pakistani held after 3 shot in apartment
Pakistani held after 3 shot in apartment


FONTANA, CA -- A 73-year-old Pakistani American man was suspected of fatally shooting three family members and critically wounding another over a longstanding financial dispute.

Authorities in the Southern California city of Fontana said on January 4 that Ali Zafar, an uncle of the family, was arrested on suspicion of homicide shortly after the shootings inside an apartment in Fontana.

According to Police Sgt. Kevin Goltara, when officers entered the apartment, they found two women and one man dead from gunshot wounds. Another victim only described as male was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

The victims and the suspect are all related and the killings stemmed from a family dispute over money.

Zafar had arrived at the apartment only the night before and was visiting.

“It looks like the family was planning a trip for January 4,” Goltara said

At some point, Zafar allegedly began firing at those in the apartment, most of whom were sleeping.

It wasn’t clear if Zafar brought the firearm with him or if he allegedly used a gun already at the location.

Gunfire was reported shortly before 3 am and responding officers confronted a male suspect with a gun walking inside the apartment complex in Fontana, Goltara said. The man complied with orders to drop the gun and was taken into custody.

Police Sgt. Keith Zagorin said that the shootings took place inside a second-floor apartment, and it appears at least one person was shot while in bed.

Another woman in the home managed to flee the apartment unharmed.

Officials said the two-bedroom apartment had a modified living room where people slept.


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Update: 07-January-2017



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