PTS proves boon for dizziness patients
PTS proves boon for dizziness patients


The staff at Physical Therapy Solutions (PTS) fully understands the suffering and debilitation that comes with dizziness and imbalance.

They are sympathetic to the lack of attentiveness sufferers receive from both the medical world and family/friend circles.

“Balance is vital to normal everyday living,” says Rupangi Patel, physical therapist and co-founder of PTS.

“Problems with balance can cause major interruptions in life. We create safety and independence in their environment and get them back to what they like doing!”

Rupangi has been a physical therapist for over 28 years, spending the last 25 years treating a range of conditions in various hospitals and clinics in the Chicago area.

During the course of this time, she was certified in vestibular rehabilitation—an exercise-based therapy aimed at improving balance and reducing dizziness.

Rupangi developed a complete program fully focused on vestibular therapy and 11 years ago opened the doors of the 4,000 sq. ft. clinic that has become a refuge for those who felt their

balance/dizziness condition was untreatable.

Now treating balance and dizziness disorders for over 11 years, PTS prides itself in the attention they are able to give each suffering

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Update: 08-April-2017



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