No emergency evacuation after bird hit: AirAsia
No emergency evacuation after bird hit: AirAsia


Ranchi, July 16 (IANS) An AirAsia India flight aborted its take off here in Jharkhand on Saturday after a bird hit but there was no emergency evacuation as reported earlier.

The airline said the flight, I5 541, from Ranchi to New Delhi suffered a bird hit on take off roll at the Birsa Munda Airport.

"The crew immediately discontinued the take-off and taxied back to the ramp and passengers deboarded the aircraft normally," said Amar Abrol, Managing Director and CEO, AirAsia India.

"There were no injuries or damage (to passengers) as a result of this incident and the aircraft has since been grounded at the Ranchi airport."

The blades of the plane got damaged because of the hit.

The airline said all the passengers were provided with necessary alternatives.

An earlier report erroneously said some smoke was seen after the incident and that the passengers were taken out from the emergency door.

On July 12, an AirAsia India passenger tried to open the plane's emergency door mid-air as it was preparing to land at Ranchi. The passenger was arrested.

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Update: 16-July-2017



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