Man illegally hires immigrants, jailed
Man illegally hires immigrants, jailed


FORDS, NJ — A 51-year-old Indian American man in New Jersey is going to federal prison for six months for his conviction on a charge he illegally hired 12 immigrants to work at his technology company.

The Vermont office of the United States Attorney said that Sanjay Gupta, of Fords, N.J., was sentenced on August 29. He pleaded guilty to the charge last year.

Prosecutors say Gupta filed documents to bring the workers to the US so they could work at his company, Iselin, N.J.-based Doon Technologies, promising to pay them within 30 days.

But prosecutors say the immigrants worked outside New Jersey and they were only paid when work was available.

Additionally, court documents reflect that Gupta submitted fraudulent documentation to USCIS to obtain H-1B visas, specifically by forging fictitious contracts with purported customers in an effort to demonstrate that work would be available for foreign workers when they began work for Doon Technologies, the attorney’s office said.

Court documents also reflect that Gupta demanded that prospective H-1B visa beneficiaries pay Gupta an illegal fee for submitting the H-1B visa applications to USCIS. Gupta also demanded that H-1B visa beneficiaries pay him hundreds of dollars to retain their visas, or risk deportation.

Gupta must also reimburse the $14,200 he was paid by some of the workers, as well as a $10,000 fine.

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Update: 09-September-2017



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