Macedonia getting ready to host UEFA Super Cup final
Macedonia getting ready to host UEFA Super Cup final


Skopje (Macedonia), July 17: Macedonia is getting ready to host the final of the UEFA Super Cup between Spanish football giants Real Madrid and English club Manchester United at Telekom Arena stadium here on August 8.

The preparations for the final match are underway while work on the stadium is expected to be completed by July 21, according to the authorities, reports Xinhua news agency.

"We are ready," Cvetko Grozdanov, the head of the office for the management of public works said on Monday.

According to him, the problems that were noted by UEFA in Telekom Arena are being addressed.

"The work will be completed until July 21, once the UEFA experts arrive to offer their final assessment," he told reporters.

The Macedonian government and the football association have allocated around 300,000 euros ($343,000) to guarantee the necessary conditions for the Super Cup match.

UEFA has also provided financial support for this project.

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Update: 17-July-2017



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