Lakshmi Priyaa to take action lessons for next film
Lakshmi Priyaa to take action lessons for next film

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Chennai, July 17 : Actress Lakshmi Priyaa will have to take action lessons to play her part of an investigative officer in upcoming Tamil thriller "Rendvathu Aattam", which stars R. Sarath Kumar in the lead.

"I play an investigative cop. There will be a few stunt scenes and I will be required to get the body language right. Hence, I will have to undergo some training. It's basically to understand how cops deal with action," Lakshmi told IANS

It will be the first time she will don khaki and she is thrilled about it.

"I'm playing a cop for the first time. I'm quite excited because it will be a very new experience," she said.

Currently shooting for an independent film, she awaits the release of Tamil film "Richie".


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Update: 17-July-2017



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