Instagram begins question-answer option in 'Stories'
Instagram begins question-answer option in 'Stories'

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San Francisco, July 11 (IANS) Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram has started the "ability to ask questions" in its "Stories" feature that would give users the liberty to respond to questions posted in "Stories" in detail.

The new feature would let users post questions on "Stories", tap a response from someone and share it along with the answer to the question in their story, Instagram wrote in a blog post late on Tuesday.

Along with the polls and emoji sliders that have been popularly being used to answer questions on "Stories", with the new feature, Instagram seems to be trying the "open-ended questions" format.

Instagram began testing this feature earlier in July and users in Italy and Indonesia were the first ones to see it on the app, media reported.

Some other stickers that the photo-messaging app offers include stickers for music, location, hashtag, current time, weather and more.

Lately, Instagram has been launching several features like InstagramTV (IGTV), Instagram Lite, group video chat and "Story" soundtrack option, which is still to be rolled out globally.

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Update: 11-July-2018



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