Indian cab driver knifed to death
Indian cab driver knifed to death


KOOTENAI, ID -- An Indian American cab driver in Idaho, Gagandeep Singh, 22, was stabbed to death by his last passenger, Jacob Coleman.

A teenager from Puyallup was arrested on August 29 in connection with the killing of the Spokane cab driver in North Idaho.

Coleman, 19, has been identified as the only suspect in a bizarre series of events that led to the young cabbie being stabbed to death in the small town of Kootenai, Idaho. Coleman has been arrested and is facing charges of first-degree murder.

Coleman flew from Seattle to Spokane with the intention of starting a new semester at Gonzaga University but was denied entry. He became angry and began to have homicidal thoughts following the interaction with Gonzaga staff.

He hailed a cab from Spokane International Airport and asked to be driven to a fictitious friend’s house in eastern Bonner County, Idaho. During the drive, Coleman’s thoughts became increasingly homicidal.

In Ponderay, Idaho, Coleman asked Singh to stop at a local store, where he purchased a knife and then re-entered the cab. He directed the driver farther east to look for the nonexistent destination.

Deputies said that when it became apparent Coleman did not have a real location in mind, Singh stopped the cab near the intersection of Spokane Street and East Railroad Avenue in Kootenai, where he was stabbed to death using the knife Coleman purchased earlier.

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Update: 09-September-2017



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