Indian Association of St Louis marks 50th Anniversary
Indian Association of St Louis marks 50th Anniversary


ST LOUIS, MO – The India Association of St. Louis (IAS) celebrated a historic event at Mahatma Gandhi Center on November 4 to mark 50 years of its existence along with its annual Diwali event.

The anniversary event held at Mahatma Gandhi Center saw the presence of more than 175 participants and some 600 attendees.

After IAS president Shailee Saran Varanasi welcomed the gathering, chief guest St. Louis County executive Steven Stenger applauded IAS on its Golden Jubilee and presented Varanasi with a proclamation.

He declared the Diwali event of IAS as India Day and Indian Culture Recognition Day in the county.

The IAS honored 12 eminent Gurus based in St. Louis in dance, music-vocal and instrumental with a commemorative plaque and special gift. They were: Asha Prem, S. Vinjamur, Smita Rajan and Prasanna Kasturi (all for dance).

Sandhya Pandurangi, Vidya Anand, Seema Kasturi and Mala Gopinathan (for Vocal) and Ustad Imrat Khan (Sitar), S. Kale and Raghu Pandurangi (Tabla) and Ram Lakshmanan (Mridangam).

IAS Board 2017 : Shailee Saran Varanasi (president), Krishna Rao (president-elect), Sendil Rathinasabapathy (secretary), Vijayalakshmi Buddhiraju (treasurer), Meera Jain, Vijay Kumar Buddhiraju, Sharath Rao, Venkat Pulumati, and Sanjeev Rao Chintakunta.

The night ended with a sumptuous Indian feast and fireworks.

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Update: 18-November-2017



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