HackerEarth ties up with DICE, Webstaff
HackerEarth ties up with DICE, Webstaff


Bengaluru, Jan 12 (IANS) To widen its global reach, HackerEarth, a network of programmers, on Thursday partnered with US-based tech job site DICE and Japanese human resource service company Webstaff to provide its core products in the North American and Japanese markets.

HackerEarth is the hub for programmers to practice and improve their programming skills, compete in coding challenges or hackathons and showcase their profile.

Businesses use HackerEarth to assess technical skills of developers and build developer relations through HackerEarth products -- Recruit and Sprint.

"We are confident that this partnership will speed up employers' hiring processes and provide candidates with the tools and services needed to prove their technical aptitude," said Sachin Gupta, CEO, HackerEarth, in a statement.

HackerEarth has close to 400 customers and a base of more than one million developers across the world.

"The partnership strengthens DICE offerings for tech professionals providing them with an easy way to demonstrate their proficiency and move through the hiring process faster," added Bob Melk, President of DICE.


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Update: 12-January-2017



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