'Gujarati Jalso' musical festival by OHMkara
'Gujarati Jalso' musical festival by OHMkara


NEW YORK, NY -- OHMKara kicked off ‘Gujarati Jalso’, an engrossing music festival, with renowned singers, poets, musicians and drama as well as stage artistes from India on July 29 at Nicholas Music Center in New Brunswick, NJ.

Gujarati Jalso, one of the biggest-ever Gujarati music programs of sugam, lok, bhakti sangeet along with poetry, literature, short dramas and fusion music as well as dayro, was a jampacked sold-out event.

Over 750 people enjoyed five hours of entertainment which was never seen before in the US. A souvenir with Mahatma Gandhi’s postal stamps from all over the world was inaugurated by Image Publications’ Utpal Bhayani, OHMKara’s Pinakin Pathak, Parthiv Gohil and Dr. Manu Dadhania of the Patidar Cultural Association of USA before the start of the program.

The mega concert tour will continue with next musical evenings in Newington-CT, Flushing-NY, Houston-TX, Atlanta, Maryland, Parlin-NJ, Chicago and Detroit during the next three weekends from August 4 to 20.

OHMKara has earlier presented hugely successful shows like ‘Samanvay’ in 2014 and ‘Saat Suron na Sarname– Avinash Vyas Mahotsav’ in 2015, in major cities of the US and Muscat and Dubai, and a musical program ‘Mor Bani Thangaat Kare’ in 2016.

Team OHMKara started the musical tour of ‘Gujarati Jalso’ in major cities like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, Maryland-D.C., Illinois and Michigan via five-hour evening concerts. Over 10,000 Gujaratis will enjoy the musical journey of original ‘Gujarati Jalso’ after triumphant festivals in 2013, 2014 and 2016 in Mumbai.

‘Gujarati Jalso’ is supported by Utpal Bhayani of Image Publications and Ville Parle Education Trust.
OHMKara has been organizing enthralling concerts with renowned singers and music composers like Parthiv Gohil, Gurang Vyas and Purushottam Upadhyay since 2014. OHMkara and its dedicated team have been working very hard to promote and bring the Gujarati heritage, language, music, poetry and literature via musical evenings outside of India.

The five-hour ‘Gujarati Jalso’ musical and literature extravaganza presented renowned and versatile, young and dynamic singers like Parthiv Gohil, Jahnvi Shrimankar, Gargi Vora, and the master of folk music and literature and renowned artiste, Sairam Dave, along with veteran and dynamic TV, film and stage artistes Utkarsh Mazumdar, Meenal Patel and Chirag Vohra and renowned talented musicians.

The high-caliber musical elements of ‘Gujafrati Jalso’ included carnival songs, love songs, new and old poetry from old rangbhoomi, dramas, sant vani, Dholiwood to Bollywood, rap songs, humor by Sairam Dave and a grand finale with patriotic songs like ‘kasumbi no rang’, ‘maa tuje salaam’, ‘vande mataram’ and ‘mile sur mera tumahara.’

The young, dynamic and talented writers, poets and comperes Hiten Anandpara and Pranav Pandya did a fantastic job by compering the show and mesmerizing the audience with their poetry and sense of humor in their versatile presentation style to promote of the Gujarati language, literature and music in New Jersey.

This year’s program is a kaleidoscope of original Gujarati music, short- scripted dramas, literature and poetry and hasya darbaar along with cultural touch from Gujarat on a stage in a wonderfully choreographed and scripted event never before organized or seen in a foreign land.

OHMKara takes pride in bringing this once-in-a-lifetime event in the US to keep alive India’s rich culture, language, music and heritage in the US for years to come.

'Gujarati Jalso' is being held in Chicago by local promoter Hi India Classic Entertainment supported by Shakti Group and Big Suchir on August 19 at Yellow Box-Community Christian Church, 1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville, IL 60540.

Tickets: $25, $35, $55 & VIP with dinner. Buy tickets online @ sulekha.com or Call Hemant Brahmbhatt 773-552-6983


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Update: 04-August-2017



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