Google to 'permanently remove' Home Mini's faulty recording feature
Google to 'permanently remove' Home Mini's faulty recording feature


San Francisco, Oct 12 (IANS) Google has decided to "permanently remove" the feature that led its smart speaker 'Home Mini' accidentally record several times a day without being given any command from the user. 

The company said that it has made the decision because it wants people to have complete peace of mind while using Google Home Mini. The update will be completely rolled out by October 15.

The 'Home Mini' shipped with a feature that let owners activate the Google Assistant and control music by tapping the top of the speaker.

Some units had an issue that led the speaker register touches even when no one was around, leading the units to start recording repeatedly.

"The Google Home team is aware of an issue impacting a small number of Google Home Mini devices that could cause the touch control mechanism to behave incorrectly. We immediately rolled out a software update on October 7 to mitigate the issue," Google said.

With the top button gone, 'Home Mini' will now be activated entirely by voice. The volume rockers will work for adjusting the volume.

"Say 'Ok Google' or 'Hey Google' instead of pressing and holding the top of Mini to start a request. Say 'Ok Google' or 'Hey Google ' to control music, alarms and timers," added Google.

The company removed activity/queries that were created by long pressing the top of a 'Google Home Mini' between October 4 and October 7 with a software update.

Google launched 'Home Mini' on October 4 for $49 at an event in San Francisco.

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Update: 12-October-2017



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