Google rolls out 'Smart display campaigns' to all advertisers
Google rolls out 'Smart display campaigns' to all advertisers


New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) Google on Friday rolled out "Smart display campaigns" to all advertisers, a move that will help them reach more customers easily on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Smart display campaigns use the power of Google's machine learning to automatically connect businesses to prospective customers who may be interested in products, using insights from millions of apps and sites.

"It will help create beautiful image, native and text ads that fit anywhere across the GDN and set the right bids to meet performance goals," Google said in statement.

From popular news websites to latest gaming apps, there are now over three million apps and websites on the GDN.

According to the company, advertisers like hotel search platform trivago who use "Smart display campaigns" are seeing tremendous increase in conversions compared to other display campaigns.

"With 'Smart display campaigns,' trivago drove 36 per cent more conversions at the same CPA, compared to its other similar display campaigns," the company said.


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Update: 21-April-2017



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