Globetrotting muse to define Shyamal-Bhumika's line at AIFW
Globetrotting muse to define Shyamal-Bhumika's line at AIFW

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New Delhi, March 13 : Designers Shyamal-Bhumika, who have styled the likes of Kangana Ranaut and many more, are going to showcase "A Parisian Symphony" line at the Autumn- winter 2018 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW). Their muse is a "globetrotting, tasteful, powerful, feminine and sophisticated" individual.

"We are thrilled to be associated with Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW). We look forward to showcasing our Fall 2018 collection, ‘A Parisian Symphony' to everyone," Shyamal said in a statement.

Added Bhumika: " Our collection is based on a mood that is Paris. We visualise the collection through our muse who dresses extraordinarily for an evening out at the opera in an extremely dramatic setting of Autumn. Globetrotting, tasteful, powerful, feminine and sophisticated is how we describe our muse who is aptly showcased in 'A Parisian Symphony'."

According to the designers, the fall 2018 collection is an enthralling blend of autumn, slowly making its mark with deep shades of colours and hues.

The intricately designed collection will consists of silk skirts with motifs, statement dresses in soft velvets with multi-coloured sequins and bugle beads, and magnificent saris in flowing organza.

Established in 2003, the brand is one of India's leading fashion houses and the designers seek inspiration from the rich Indian heritage and history and use its precious crafts and artisan techniques to create couture collections relevant to the modern day sensibilities.


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Update: 13-March-2018



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