Brahmotasava at Sri Balaji Temple
Brahmotasava at Sri Balaji Temple


AURORA, IL – Brahmotsava, a nine-day religious festival, is being planned from August 4 to August 12 at Sri Venkateswara Swami (Balaji) Temple in Aurora, IL.

The celebrations will include daily Homams and Utsavams.

A Community Health Fair will be held on August 5 at the Temple Panchavati with entry only for registered devotees.

The Annual Picnic, a fun-filled day for the entire family, is scheduled for August 6, with fun and games for children, volleyball and chess tournaments, and a variety of delicious food prepared at the Temple.

As for Brahmotsava, the popular Indian scriptures trace the origin of this function to Lord Brahma, the creator God as the conductor of the Utsavam to Sri Balaji in Tirupathi. Brahma performed this function on the banks of the holy river Pushkarani in Tirupathi in appreciation of Sri Balaji’s grace for protecting the mankind. Hence, this Utsavam bears its popular name as ‘Brahmotsavam’.

This auspicious function is celebrated for Sri Balaji at Aurora, similar to the traditions of Tirupati temple. During the nine days, every evening, Sri Balaji Utsava Murthi is taken on Utsavams (processions) with splendid different decorations on different Vahanas (chariots) on the serene outdoor premises of the temple.

On the concluding day, August 13, a grand Sri Srinivasa Kalyanotsavam (wedding ceremony) is also planned.

The Brahmotsavam celebration provides a unique opportunity for devotees to participate in the festivities and Utsavams and experience the 'Vaikuntha Anubhavam' ('heavenly enjoyment and feeling') and receive the blessings of Sri Venkateswara Swami.

Vinayaka Chathurthi will be celebrated from August 23 to 26 with daily programs like special japam, homam, and abhishekam. Events on August 26 will include Vidya Ganapathi Pooja in which children, under the guidance of the priests, will perform Ganapathi Pooja.

Afterwards, they will pull the 'Ratham' (chariot) with Sri Ganesha around the temple grounds. Following this, Sri Vidya Ganapathi will be immersed (Visarjan), while children watch and chant Sri Ganesha’s bhajans, bidding Him farewell and pray Him to come back next year for Vinayaka Chathurthi.

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Update: 04-August-2017



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