Bal Vihar, Hindu Temple of St. Louis sign pact
Bal Vihar, Hindu Temple of St. Louis sign pact


ST LOUIS, MO -- On November 9, the Center of Indian Cultural Education, also known as Bal Vihar of St. Louis, and the Hindu temple of St. Louis legally entered into a revised lease agreement to use the new community center next to the temple to accelerate a common goal of instilling the Indian culture in future generations.

The pact is being hailed as “an excellent arrangement for our children and the entire community for years to come.”

In order to support this multi-million dollar community center, Bal Vihar
had presented a check of $250,000 to the Hindu Temple on July 31, 2014 towards the construction of the building by 2019-2020 after which the school will give the temple additional $150,000 for the building interiors.

In addition, Bal Vihar school families and supporters have also donated over $1 million for the project so far since 2014.

The revised contract was signed by Dr. Krishna Reddy, Current Chairman of the Hindu temple of St. Louis Board of Trustees and Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt, president of Bal Vihar.

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Update: 18-November-2017



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