BSC's Navratri is a big draw
BSC’s Navratri is a big draw



CHICAGO,IL – During September 22-30, the Bhartiya Senior Citizens (BSC) of Chicago organized Live Raas Garba performed by Ashit Desai and Hema Desai and Harmoney Group X Factor Participant KK ( Kalpesh Kharva) and Daxa Solanki and his orchestra.

More than 1000 people enjoyed Raas Garba and Dandia Raas with BSC executives providing snacks and coffee and tea and arranging for a big projection screen to enable elderly people to watch the dances.

All first- and second-floor decoration was done by senior citizens who won encomiums from participants. BSC Trustee Parsotam Pandya, president Hari Patel, vice president Madhu Patel had set up different teams--food team, Tea preparing team, Prashad Team, Arti Preparing team, Guest welcome team.

Hari Patel thanked all volunteers and committee members without whom, he said, the event would not have succeeded. Parsotam Pandya (Trustee of BSC) and Madhu Patel (vice president) took responsibility of cleaning the ahll, etc.

Mahesh Patel, Chandu Dave, Pravin Amin, Amrat Patel, Ramsang Parmar, Sirish Shah, Indu Patel, Vithal Balar, Nita Chudasma, Kala Oza, Sakuntla Vyas, Damini and Kalyni Patel, Pratima Shah also offered their services to serve food to the participants.

The audio system was handled by Bharat Gandhi. Jayanti Oza (photo journalist) took pictures of volunteers. Everyone had a good time to during Navratri which was the result of a good BSC team work.

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Update: 08-October-2017



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