Allu Arjun on a three-week holiday
Allu Arjun on a three-week holiday

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Chennai, May 6: Relieved of all his current commitments, Telugu star Allu Arjun has taken a much needed three-week holiday and is headed to Britain with his family.

"It's a three-week holiday. Last two weeks were hectic for him with the promotions of latest Telugu release 'S/O Satyamurthy'. He also had to complete the dubbing for his upcoming Telugu film 'Rudhramadevi'," a source close to the actor told Bollywood Country. 

"He left with his family for UK. As soon as he's back, he'll start working on his next project with Boyapati Srinu," the source said.

Arjun's "S/O Satyamurthy" has turned out to be a blockbuster, grossing over Rs.80 crore at the box office in three weeks. (Bollywood Country Report)


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Update: 06-May-2015



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