12 wildfires active in Portugal
12 wildfires active in Portugal


Lisbon, Aug 13 (IANS) Portuguese authorities said on Sunday that at least 12 wildfires remained active throughout the country as hundreds of firefighters were deployed to battle the flames.

According to the latest status report by the National Authority for Civil Protection, there are currently 12 ongoing fires, of which six are thought to be larger and more complex to extinguish, reports Efe news.

Among them, two in the towns of Tomar and Ferreira do Zezere were leading to great concern and that around 580 firefighters, backed by 180 land vehicles and eight airplanes, were trying to extinguish the flames, the report said.

On Saturday, a record-breaking 268 fires were detected throughout the country in one day and more than 6,550 firefighters mobilised.

Portuguese authorities on Saturday asked the European Union for reinforcements, to which Spain has already responded.

Two Spanish military emergency units were sent to help Portuguese civil protection forces, as well as two firefighting planes which joined a Moroccan aircraft that was already on the scene.

Meteorological forecasts suggest that Sunday could be dry, hot and windy, which is dangerous weather for fires.

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