103 injured as train hits terminal wall
103 injured as train hits terminal wall


BROOKLYN, NY -- A Long Island Rail Road train crashed into a wall in the Atlantic Terminal on the morning of January 4, injuring 103 people.

The train slammed into a wall at the end of the line of the station at about 8:20 am, causing the tracks to pierce the bottom of the train and leaving at least one woman seriously injured with a broken leg and dozens of others with minor injuries.

"It was a train that hit the stop, hit the bumping block at a fairly low rate of speed," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

The train was coming from Far Rockaway and was travelling on track 6.

The train operator was supposed to come to a stop at a safety block at the end of the line, but the train didn't stop and hit a wall, according to the police.

"The train came to a sudden stop," the governor said. "People were standing, they were getting ready to get off the train, and they weren't prepared for the sudden stop."

"The question is why didn't the train operator stop before the bumping block," Cuomo said.

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