'Disobedient' Indian wife is tortured
‘Disobedient’ Indian wife is tortured


RIVERVIEWS, FL -- An elderly couple who flew from India to “counsel and discipline” their daughter-in-law at their son’s request, were arrested September 1 for allegedly abusing the young woman and holding her hostage in her Riverview, Florida, home.

Jasbinder Kalsi, 67, and Bhupinder Kalsi, 61, along with their son, 33-year-old Devbir Kalsi, were arrested by deputies from Hillsboro County Sheriff’s Department, and are currently being held in Hillsboro County Jail without bail.

Deputies described the victim, 33-year-old Silky Gaind, as "badly beaten and bruised over her entire body" from alleged beatings by her husband and his parents. They said the beatings had "been ongoing for an extended period of time.”

The sheriff’s department was alerted to the alleged ongoing battery after Gaind called her parents in India to tell them she was being abused. Her parents called law enforcement authorities in Florida to report the alleged abuse.

The son’s parents had traveled from India to “counsel and discipline” Gaind at their son's request. Devbir Kalsi had told his parents that his wife was being disobedient. While the alleged beatings by her husband continued, Gaind was held against her will by his parents.

According to an arrest report, Devbir Kalsi and his wife got into an argument on the night of September 1, during which he reportedly struck her repeatedly. When Gaind, who gave birth just months earlier, tried to defend herself, Devbir Kalsi's parents allegedly began hitting her, too, causing bruises on her face, neck and torso before Jasbir Kalsi threatened to stab her with a kitchen knife.

Gaind was holding the couple’s infant girl, who was hit in the face before being put in a separate room. Deputies said Devbir Kalsi later dragged his wife into another room after taking her phone, and his parents locked her inside.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived early September 2 to the home and repeatedly knocked on the door, but received no answer. Finally, Gaind opened the door and screamed for help for herself and her young child. A deputy pushed the door open, as Devbir Kalsi tried to push it closed.

Deputies attempted to arrest Devbir, but Jasbir intervened, followed by Bhupinder. Devbir and Jasbir Kalsi face charges of false imprisonment, child abuse and denying access to 911. Devbir Kalsi faces an additional charge of felony battery, and Jasbir Kalsi is accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Bhupinder Kalsi faces charges of battery domestic violence and failure to report child abuse.

Gaind and her 1-year-old child, who was found unharmed, have been moved to a safe place.

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Update: 09-September-2017



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